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Start your transformation today.

What do you want?

lose weight

Lose weight

gain muscle

Gain muscle

sleep better

Sleep better

reduce anxiety

Reduce anxiety

more energy

More energy

increase focus

Increase focus

improve memory

Improve memory

less bloating

Less bloating & pain

better skin

Better skin

Science doesn't lie

With the right diet and exercise regimen, you can naturally reach all of these goals, and more.


If it's that simple, why are more than 4 out of 10 American adults obese?

Why do more than 3 out of 10 Americans show signs of anxiety or depression

Why are more than 3 out of 10 Americans ​diagnosed with a digestive disease?

Why do most people fail to reach their goals?


Because they're missing at least one of the following:

3 keys of success


Key #1



Key #2


yes no maybe

Key #3



The key of knowledge

Do you know EXACTLY what you have to do every single day to reach your goals?


Do you know what makes you unique, and what you can and can't change about yourself?


If you answered no to either of these questions, your are missing the key of knowledge.

Personal transformation is a journey that is unique to every one of us, and generalizing certain aspects of physical as well as mental health won’t suffice, because we do not fit in a pre determined category.


You need a custom made category of your own to represent the beautiful depth of your complexities.


The first step to unlock the door of knowledge is our DNA test.

Time is money, thus knowledge is truly priceless.


It takes over a year of work with a highly qualified personal trainer to learn by trial and error not even half of what ONE TEST can teach us.

By testing your genes, we instantly skip the guesswork and jump directly to the best part of your transformation journey.

By combining our analysis of your DNA with our expertise in mental and physical health, we will provide you a step-by-step transformation program which is custom made for you, and only you. You will know EXACTLY what to do every single day to achieve what you want.

Who are we?

claudia mars

Co-Founder of Rise

Certified DNA-Based Fitness Coach

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor

College Graduate in Music

marc-antoine saad

Co-Founder of Rise

Certified DNA-Based Fitness Coach

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Civil Law Graduate & Bar Graduate

College Graduate in Commerce


The key of accountability

Do you have the right support system in place to ensure you take the actions needed to make the progress you want?

Believing in yourself means trusting in your potential, but just as importantly, accepting the existence of the flaws contained in human nature. 


In order to get past old behaviors that are holding you back like chains attached to your ankles as you’re swimming to the surface, you need a someone that can help you break free. 

The most successful people, such as Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christina Aguilera, have a coach to guide them and keep them accountable.


It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be able to criticize oneself properly, simply because you are entangled in your own web. 


Having someone who truly cares, and keeps the keenest eye on your every move, making sure you don’t take a single step in the wrong direction is a necessity, not just a benefit. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to improve your physique, feel better in your skin, are committed to becoming a better leader, dealing with bloating issues, or any number of possible scenarios, we can show you how to navigate these uncharted territories and conquer your demons. 

You might still be asking yourself: Do I need a coach?


You might think that you can do it on your own. The answer is simple. Everyone needs a coach.

Your current bad habits weren’t created just by you, but also by your environment, the people close to you constantly influencing how you think, feel and act, or maybe even by erroneous beliefs society has bestowed upon you. 

Why would you expect to change your habits and behaviors alone?

Having a coach alongside you who guides you, supports you, inspires you, helps you create consistency in your daily actions, and shows you the exact steps you need to take towards your goals, will greatly influence whether you succeed or not.


The key of commitment

Last but not least, the key of commitment. 


Success is not a game of chance, but one of devotion, knowledge and accountability. 


The key of commitment is in your heart. It's up to you to decide if you want to use it.


​You have the ability within to take charge of your ship and sail it far out of your comfort zone for the chance of reaching worlds of endless possibilities created by none but you. 


Rest assured that if you do not stray, and keep going, you will find treasures beyond your imagination, because your limits are simply the ones you set for yourself. 


This isn’t something easy. In fact, the difficulty of the journey is only matched by its reward, and only you can do it for yourself. 


Inconsistency also won’t be an option, you need to push yourself on a constant basis, but the more you commit, the more you’ll want to commit until it becomes an addiction that will consume you in the best possible way. 


You have to ask yourself:


​On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you? Do you REALLY want to reach your goal? Are you interested or are you COMMITTED? Are you ready to start living, and stop trying? 

Untitled design-11.png

Just knowing what to do... is not enough. 

Just being held accountable... is not enough. 

Just being committed... is not enough.


You need all 3 keys.


We will give you the knowledge and keep you accountable everyday. The key of commitment has to come from you.

So what do you want? Whatever your goal is, if you take the first step towards your dreams and commit, we’ll help you leap into them. 

Ready to commit?

Still unsure? Keep reading to know what your transformation program will include. 

Untitled design-5.png

Genetic Testing

It’s simple. When it comes to health, prevention is the best medicine. Genetic testing has moved into the mainstream and is now the future of preventative health.


Why should we wait until after things go wrong to start caring? What would you do if I told you that you have the power to change many of the things about you that are slowing you down, and uncover the hidden potential you possess?


DNA testing allows you to look within yourself to understand what makes you unique, and discover what you can and can’t change


From the way your body absorbs nutrients, to what kind of training has the best impact on you, our test examines 36 unique traits to give you the tools for your personal transformation.

By testing your specific genes, we can find out what type of diet and training programs are optimal for your unique body.


Science can finally show you the cards you’ve been dealt, and we can give you the tools to help you rise into your best self. Shouldn’t we all stop guessing, and start knowing?

Our test takes the guesswork out to provide you the best and most personalized solutions. Without this test, we’re all blindly limited to trial and error to create the optimal transformation program for you. 


You'll receive a 75+ pages report with easy to use genetic insights and strategies in the following areas:


Strength Training Response

Examples of what you’ll discover:

-Your ability to improve body composition in response to strength training

-How many days per week you should do resistance exercises

-How likely you are to see improvements in strength and muscle mass

-How likely you are to lose weight and body fat from weight training

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Fat Loss Response to Cardio

Examples of what you’ll discover:

-Your ability to lose fat from cardio exercises

-How many days per week you should do cardio exercises

-How long should each cardio session lasts

-What type of cardio exercises works best for you


Weight Loss Tendency

Examples of what you’ll discover:​

-How likely you are to lose weight and keep it off 

-How to get the greatest exercise calorie burn

-Tips for effective dieting


Fat Utilization

Examples of what you'll discover:

-How sensitive you are to dietary fat

-How much fat you should consume

-List of suggested fats

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Protein Utilization

Examples of what you'll discover:

-If the % of protein you eat is likely to affect the amount of weight you lose

-How much protein you should consume

-List of suggested proteins


Carb Utilization

Examples of what you'll discover:

-If you would experience better results from a high or low carb diet

-How much carbohydrates you should consume

-List of suggested carbohydrates


Caffein Metabolism

Examples of what you'll discover:

-If caffein has a positive or detrimental effect on your health

-How much caffein you should consume

-When you should consume caffein


Sleep Duration

Examples of what you'll discover:

-How likely you are to get normal amount of sleep

-How many hours you should sleep per night

-How to improve your sleep

BALANCE- Square IG Post-10.png

Vitamins/Minerals Tendency

Examples of what you'll discover:

-Vitamin B9 - Folate tendency

-Vitamin A tendency

-Vitamin B6 tendency

-Vitamin B12 tendency

-Vitamin C tendency

-Vitamin D tendency

-Calcium Tendency

-Iron Tendency

-Magnesium tendency

-Zinc tendency

And much more!

-Cholesterol response to dietary fat

-Polyunsaturated fatty acid tendency

-Insulin response to dietary fat

-HDL response to cardio

-Glucose response to cardio

-Insulin sensitivity response to cardio

-Testosterone levels

-Triglyceride response to cardio

-Intrinsic motivation to exercise 

-Impulse control and taste preference

-Power/endurance potential

-Exercise heart rate response

-VO2 Max


1-1 Coaching

How often have you told yourself that you were going to do something but did not follow through? Considering how difficult it is to change your life around, it might truly feel impossible if you’re left alone.


That isn’t something we want you to worry about. We will be with you every step of your transformation journey. In fact, we are available for you 24/7 through your private app.


You will also get a one-on-one weekly call with us where we will review the past week, and plan for the next one, and discuss any questions or concerns you may encounter. 


Each week, we will help you clarify your vision, focus on what truly matters to you, and move forward on your goals, by holding you accountable.


This level of accountability and positive reinforcements will ensure you take the actions needed to make the progress you want. Your internal accountability will be multiplied by having us work alongside you.


Weekly Meal Plan

Whatever your goal is, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This applies to nutrition. Whatever your goal is, there are so many advantages of having a great meal plan.

Save Time


Most of the time spent on cooking a homemade meal isn't on the cooking time itself, but on thinking about what to cook and when to cook, preparing the grocery list, and shopping for the ingredients.

Having your weekly menu already planned for you, including delicious recipes and a detailed grocery list, will save you from spending hours browsing for healthy and tasty recipes.

You will also save time by having a meal plan that is adapted for whoever's eating with you and that fits with your schedule.

Save Money


By knowing in advance what you'll eat for the week, you'll be less likely to eat out or order in. The average American household spends about $3,000 a year eating out, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (one person spending only on him/herself counts as a household too.) Wouldn't you want to use that money for something else?

Waste Less


Having a meal plan will ensure that no food is wasted. According to a recent study by the Natural ResourcesDefense Council (NRDC), the average family throws away up to $2,200 worth of food every single year! We're sure you'd rather invest this 2 grand somewhere else than in the trash. 

Never Get Bored


With our meal plans, you'll be able to experience a variety of fun and delicious (for real) recipes inspired from all around the world! No more bland chicken, broccoli and rice!

Get Results


By sticking to a meal plan based on your DNA test report, you will start seeing results quickly!  A recent study published by the European Society of Human Genetics found that dieters employing weight management programs tailored to the individual’s DNA lost up to 33% more weight than those following standard weight loss programs.


Weekly Training Program

Have you ever wondered why some people can eat anything they want and stay thin?

Or why some people exercise twice as much as others while getting less results?


The answer to those questions lies within our genetics.


For example, by testing specific genes, we can discover why some people have a higher tendency to lose weight than others.

Everybody is unique, and that means everyone’s capabilities and needs are different when it comes to fitness.

With the latest genomic technology, any health management program that does not take an individual’s genetic profile into account is simply guesswork.

If you don’t know which exercises are most effective for your body type and for the goals that you have, you are unlikely to reach your goals.

Based on your DNA test report, we will craft you a customized training plan including the optimal exercises to achieve your personal goals.

You will receive step-by-step instructions and videos through your private appYou will have the option to workout from home, with no or little equipment, or at the gym.


Yoga Program

Yoga means "to unite" and aims to balance all aspects of yourself. Multiple studies have confirmed the many mental and physical benefits of yoga. This discipline of body and mind includes three practices:


Physical Postures

We will include them in your training program.


They release tension in the body, massaging internal organs, improving their function and providing greater flexibility to the spine, muscles and joints.


These techniques also allow the body to evacuate toxins accumulated by the body.




We will add meditation to your daily routine.


Its purpose is to bring the mind into the present moment.

By releasing all tensions related to external concerns, this technique will allow the mind to achieve inner peace — deep relaxation.

Breathing Techniques


Breathing techniques will be also be added to your daily routine. 

They provide oxygen to all organs and cells in the body, in addition to strengthening the lungs.


They also promote healing at the cellular level.

These techniques have a direct effect on the brain and on emotions, thanks to the balance they bring to the nervous system.

After just a few minutes of deep breathing, the body increases its production of happiness hormones like serotonin and dopamine. 

These hormones are alkaline in nature, helping to neutralize some of the stress-related acid in your body.


Daily Growth Work

We truly believe that if you can master your mind, you can master your life


From the very beginning of your transformation journey, you will get daily lectures and growth exercises through your private app. 

We will work with you on many important subjects such as:


How your brain and mind work

How your state of mind affects your whole body and the other way around

How to unlock your internal motivation and purpose

How to never give up

How to raise your standards for how you live your life

How to overcome your fears and obstacles

How to stop chasing happiness and be at peace 

How to forgive and let go of the past

How to live in the present moment and let go of negative thoughts

How to attract abundance into your life

We will work with you to help you understand why you feel how you feel, what you need to let go of, and what you need to focus on to live a healthy, abundant, and purposeful life.

Untitled design-6.png

What's next?

If you've read this far, you already took an important step towards reaching your goals.


In order to benefit fully from what you just learned, book your free wellness assessment.


On this 30 minutes call, we will discuss the challenges you face and create an action plan with the exact steps you need to take in order to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

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